Of all the odors, pet odors are one of the most difficult to deal with, and are often "invisible" to the owner. These odors permeate carpets, furniture, window coverings, walls, and ceilings, making them very difficult to eliminate. The solutions available to the pet owner are typically fragrance-based, and only mask the situation, often times making matters worse.

Problem: Pet odors can be the source of embarrassment, can reduce the value of a home owner's property, and can be a component of sick home syndrome. They tend to penetrate permeable surfaces, making them almost impossible to remove with traditional cleaning methods. Carpets, wall coverings and other fabric materials absorb the long chain chemicals that make up the pet odor, and simply hang onto them for years and years.

Our 3 step proprietary system kills the odor at the source.

You cannot just cover up an odor, it must be 100% eradicated first.

1) Identify and chemical introduction of oxidizing digester

2) Extract and/or remove chemical depending on surface

3) O3 shock treatment

After 30 years in this business we know we can help you.