Kitchen Odor Removal

Odor Out can remove kitchen odors that result from Burning, Frying, Moisture, Strong Seasoning and other food preparation smells.

Commercial and residential kitchens generate odors that build up from repeated preparation and cooking, or from having an accident where food is burned. Often these odors migrate to other areas and permeate the entire Home/facility, even getting onto furniture and into clothing.

Keeping kitchens clean can also be a challenge because food residue automatically begins to deteriorate. Moisture is often present so microorganisms thrive in this type of environment. They can be found not only in the cracks and crevices but also on many surfaces, including walls and ceilings, so kitchen odor removal is very important for food safety.

Even after cleaning, the odors may return because all surfaces are not part of the cleaning protocol. The Odor Out protocol is very effective in kitchens because it attacks and eliminates kitchen odors at their source, wherever they are.